Saturday, May 11, 2013

mt. wolf - life size ghosts

long sleeved crop top- monki, black top-cubus,pastel lilac full skirt- self-made, black sheer tights- topshop?, baby pink tennis shoes- circa, sunglasses- trifted, bag- seppälä

hey. so... it's been forever, since the last time i blogged. or properly blogged. well, i just haven't been up for it i guess. but i kind of just felt like it today. the weather was just all lovely and i needed some fresh air, so i felt like having a photoshoot of a look i created yesterday. i haven't done this in such a long time i know, but this outfit just felt so me and lovely and i like it a lot. the photos themselves were blah, so i edited them and made them a bit more surreal. and i just have to mention how much i'm enjoying the weather, i can actually wear outfits like this outside and not having to wear tons of layers of tights to keep from freezing to death.

oh and you have to listen to the playlist i created in spotify, it has songs by artists like the suburbs, chet faker, the flume, lana del rey etc. it's like you're tripping i can't get enough of it. LINK


  1. I love everything about this outfit!


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